Mar 13, 2010

Iron Man and introductions

So I've decided to "compete" in the Iron Man competition.

My name is Caleb Cushing, I'm a 25 year old, unemployed, student, living in the Greater Lansing, MI, USA, area. I've been programming perl for approximately 6 months. This includes a lot of off time, time to relearn the language from the class I took a couple years ago (and learn modern perl), learning Catalyst and DBIC, all of which is an ongoing process. I would guess I've been writing useful code for about 4 months and even that is a slow going process as I've still got a lot to learn.

Previously, I was the tree maintainer for Funtoo, and tried spinning my own fork of Funtoo/Gentoo, it needed more devs than me to survive though. I now use Arch Linux. After an arch/perl user who went by aCiD2 moved to OS X I adopted most of his perl AUR (arch user repository) packages in addition to ones I had created myself. I now have over 200 CPAN packages on AUR in Arch's PKGBUILD format.

I'm a contributer to Catalyst::Manual and I created Template::ShowStartStop by forking Template::Timer.

I'm sure I'll become more active as time goes on, and have more interesting posts than this one.


  1. Hey xeno, bout time! Good job maintaining those packages, it's not an easy job - but you seem to be doing well :)


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